Fotografihuset 11.06 - 20.06


ingrid HOLTE    

Når solen går ned
The sun is setting, and the streets are steadily getting darker. The streetlights are on, but the light feels so artificial. In an odd way they give me a false sense of security. I turn around and see empty streets. The darkness is consuming every street corner, in the distance a tram is speeding by. I keep walking on, increasing my pace slightly. I feel the familiar tingling sensation in the back of my neck. It feels like someone is watching me. The second I comprehend that I am being pursued it feels like my spine has frozen to ice. It is just the two of us on this street. I can hear the clicks from my stilettos against the ground, and heavy steps coming closer and closer. I grip the key in my pocket. I am sticking them in-between my fingers, ready to use it as a weapon. My body is getting ready to run.