Fotografihuset 11.06 - 20.06


jonas TISLEVOLL    


In Balance
Over the decade there has been an increased media coverage on renewable energy resulting in sustainable energy windmills being built across Norway, often close to where people live and relax. The placement of these farms has created enormous frustration and political debate. Some people feel these farms have destroyed the true nature of their local environment.

I grew up on a small island called Fitjar, a town of only 3,000 inhabitants, and where one of Norway’s largest wind farms is now located. During 2011 the municipal council came to the decision that Fitjar should invest in this renewable energy, leading to major divisions and protests from the local population. Two years later the first windmills began producing energy.

At time when small municipalities, like Fitjar, struggle to survive financially, the wind farm has been a lifeline. The previous negative feelings are now changing, and Midtfjellet wind farm has become more a welcome neighbour.